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Gazelle Cabby


Gazelle’s engineers have taken their highly practical and distinctly-Dutch approach to the design, shedding weight where possible, and building in neat little innovations all over the place. The result is a comfortable, easy-riding, and simple-to-use family transporter with well-considered adaptations for Maxi-Cosi carriers and Yepp child seats.


One-size-fits-all is the name of the game with the Cabby, and the 49cm frame can accommodate riders down to about 155cm in height. By raising the seat post, taller riders are also catered for, and the clever ergonomic relationship between the headtube and the seat post means that the bike fits everyone equally well. It also makes extensive use of stainless steel hardware in order to allow the bike to live outdoors without the encroachment of rust.

Our Key Points

+ Good for all heights of riders
+ Can be stored in narrow places
+ Low weight and wide tires makes the ride easier
- No electric options


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