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Our Story

We are Carolyn and Martin Roberts, directors of KidsAndFamilyCycles. Throughout our lives we have always loved cycling and it's our aim to spread this love, and all the benefits that come with it, to other people. When we decided to settle down and start a family we began cycling less and less. Once we had four children and full time jobs we hardly cycled at all. At this point we bought our first cargo bike, the Bellabike 4, and instantly fell for it. Back in 2008 cargo bikes were almost non-existant in the UK and we wanted to change that so that other parents and children could experience the joys of cycling and the outdoors.

This is why we set up KidsAndFamilyCycles over ten years ago and are proud to have the largest range of cargo trikes in the UK. Over these years we've enjoyed having many happy customers tell us how much they love the lifestyle that owning one of these life changing bikes promotes.


Why us?

We benefit from over 10 years of experience with cargo bikes. This means we have built a huge breadth and depth of knowledge that's unrivalled in this business and will be able help quickly. It also makes it easier for us to help you find the perfect bike for your family.

We offer two years warrenty on all bikes with a free service six weeks after purchase. We come to you so if anything goes wrong with your bike we'll be there to solve it.

We've tried and tested our bikes in a huge variety locations. Whether you live in a dense city, a hilly town or even a rural farm we've been there before and we're ready to help.

We have the largest range of cargo trikes in the UK so whoever you're trying to transport, we have the bike for you.

We have 18 years of experience transporting children by bike so have tried most products on the market at least once meaning we have the skills and expertise to help find the perfect bike for and you family.