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Kangaroo Luxe

Prices from £2999

With its patented three point steering system, spacious cabin and reclining seats it's no wonder the Luxe won a review by Copenhagenize for the best cargo bike back in 2007. Click here to read it. It's also the bike selected by our most recent celebrity client, Holly Branson.


This bike has been engineered to do everything it can to give you control. From its patented steering system to a steering damper that has six different settings and its torsion suspension this bike holds the road incredibly well. The inner cabin is also rather luxurious with reclining seats that can fit two children up to 135cm or be swapped out for baby/toddler seats which can be turned to face the rider.

Our Key Points

+ Very smooth ride with suspension and variable steering damper
+ Impressive manoeuvrability and handling
+ Lots of comfort with front cab suspension and reclining seats
+ Accessories tailor it to suit a huge range of ages (0-11/12 years)
- Some people prefer design of box bikes

Electric Options

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