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Triobike Boxter

Prices from £2199

High quality parts and elegant design help the triobike get things done and look beautiful doing it. The boxter does everything the mono does but with room for four.


The triobike doesn't just look great, the ride is great too. The light weight and Shimano Nexus 8 speed gears help the triobike cruise along the streets effortlessly. Inside the bike the children can enjoy the highest inner width we offer on a trike. The seats and hoods are also water resistant and UV-proof to make sure they stay beautiful in all conditions. The boxter box is longer and narrower than the Triobike Mono to allow the option of fitting a second bench or having a dog sit in the front.

Our Key Points

+Very comfy and luxurious seats
+Large range of seat and hood colours
+Plenty of space
+Very light bike
-Larger turning circle

Electric Options

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