Babboe - Cargo Trike



Great value cargo trike to carry up to 4 children

Babboe Safety

• We know that you want to keep your children as safe as possible on a family cycle, that is why we have gone the extra mile to have our cargo bikes safety tested and to include important safety features as standard in the price.

o Safety Tested

The Babboe has been safety tested for strength and durability by the independent testing authority SGS Group.

o Safety Belts - Four 3-point seat belts keep your children safely belted in the carrier box.

o Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes – Help make braking effective, even in the rain.

o Steering Stabilisers & Tilt Stoppers - Help to ensure that steering is smooth, stable and easy around corners and over bumps and pot holes in the ground.

o LED Front and Back Lights – To improve visibility at night.

o Reflective Pedals and Tires - To improve visibility at night.

AND all Babboes family bikes are equipped with an ART approved frame lock to help keep your bike safe from theft.

Babboe Trike Box measurements

 Total width for checking your gates = 88cm

The Best Selling Cargo Bike in Holland

Prices from: £1,399

This includes:

•Babboe Cargo bike

•2 benches with 4 safety belts

•Wheel lock and lights

• Rear rack for panniers

•Fully safety tested and checked

•Personally delivered and ready to ride

Free delivery within 30 miles

Additional £65 to London/suburbs

£75 within 200 miles

     Please simply send me your

 postcode for delivery outside these areas

Babboe Curve Cargo Bike

The Babboe Curve, the NEW high end brain child of Babboe Holland, provides the ultimate riding experience for parents and children and has a superior product specification. The excellent specs include Shimano roller brakes both rear and front, Schwalbe tires, beech wood cargo box, and Closed chain cover. It has been extensively tested by the German TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein- Technical Inspection Association) for safety and durability. This tricycle is the ideal transport vehicle to bring your kids to school or day care and it is cheaper and faster than using a car. You can transport four children and even carry your groceries!

Babboe endeavours to sell top quality cargo bikes at a reasonable price. The model will be delivered at your house, fully assembled and ready to go.

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