Zigo Leader Customer Review -

Thank you both so much

for bringing down the Zigo.


 We are going everywhere and

doing everything.

  Pandora, London

Morning Carolyn and Martin, I just wanted Thank you for the great Bellabike that you sold us……….. Also thank You for changing the tyres we have  not had any more punctures which is great.  Richard and Family SW London.

Bakfiets Trike Customer Review -

"I love my Bakfiets. Despite it arriving just as winter set in, it is now our everyday

way of getting to nursery and back. It was brilliant for the Christmas shopping too.

We all love the fresh air, I love the exercise, and as another plus, it has given me

and my son the confidence for him to cycle the journey as well, as I can pop him

and his bike in mine if disaster strikes! You are absolutely right to call them

life-changing bikes - they are. Mine is a joy to ride and I've had so many people

stop me and admire it too.

Thank you."

Camillla , Hertfordshire

Thank you."  Camillla , Hertfordshire

Weehoo Customer Review

In terms of today’s outing, it was great. Our daughter was really happy in it,

it was stable and light, and to be honest far better than a trailer ever was. If

we get any requests from friends we shall direct them to yourselves. Gordon, UK

“The Weehoo trailer/tag along has proved ideal for our son to move on too, now

he is too large for a child’s seat. The design means we can go for extended rides

 as a family, and not worry about him necessarily having to balance, or pedal.

He is a Downs child, and can do neither very well at the moment. The single wheel

 also means we can negotiate the narrow tracks on the local commons and

woodland. All in all, it’s been an ideal purchase for us”.

Helen Surrey