Five of the best Cargo Bike Review


Distinguishing Innovations

Gazelle efforts to make your cycling even greater are often rewarded with

Nominations and awards.

In the Reader’s Digest research for European Brands, Gazelle is a firm

 number 1 for Most Trusted Brand. The best Dutch bicycle of the year award has

been Gazelle‘s on numerous occasions.

In addition the Dutch bikes oldest manufacturer received The Dutch Design Award,

recognition Good Industrial Design, and several Innovation Awards. To top it off,

many Gazelle bicycle models were judged ‘Excellent’ in European tests, by both

professionals and the general public.

                Gazelle makes the difference

9 Reasons why Gazelle is the right choice

Quality and durability

Choosing Gazelle means choosing
a reliable bicycle with a long lifespan and a high

trade-in value. Gazelle extensive quality control system earned them the internationally

 recognised ISO9001 certificate.

Gazelle thoroughly tests all components in its advanced testing centre. Just to make

 sure that, even under the most extreme of conditions, your Gazelle will offer you the

ride that we think you deserve − light and comfortable.

2. Professional Gazelle dealers

Gazelle dealers are carefully selected and will perform all necessary repairs in a

professional way. They also have what it takes to help you to select the bike that fits

and suits you.

3. Adjusted to your requirements

You can enjoy your bicycle most when it is tailored to you. Every human body is

different. Besides frame size, proper adjustment of saddle, handlebar and grips is

extremely important. For comfortable cycling, also on longer trips, you need to be able

to choose between different seating positions. Gazelle offers you the benefit of easy

individual adjustment at all points where the bicycle supports your body.

4. The correct cycling position

The geometry of Gazelle Dutch bicycles is keyed to the intended use. For short rides

to school, work or supermarket, a relaxed upright cycling position is preferable in terms

of comfort. For longer trips, daily commuting or touristic cycling it is more pleasant to

bend forward a little. This position makes you faster and more versatile and keeps you

 from catching too much wind. If you’re the athletic type, a road racer or mountain bike

will give you an even more sporty position.

5. Correct saddle

Gazelle chooses saddles that are keyed to the intended use of the bicycle.
A special

vacuum moulding system assures that our saddles are 100% waterproof and on
average are 10% lighter than standard saddles.

6. Safety locks

All Gazelle city and hybrid bicycles are equipped with ART approved safety locks.

7. Adjustable grips and stem

a simple Allen key you can adjust the ergonomic Gazelle grips to your own

requirements, even after many years of use. This feature allows you to prevent painful

 and tingling hands. For the stems there are three types of adjustability to choose

from − with tools, by hand without parental lock (Shuttle) and by hand with parental

lock (Switch).

8. Integrated lights

Gazelle makes bicycle light systems much less vulnerable by
integrating the front light

into the front mudguard (Fender Vision and Fender Light). The B-Vision rear light is

partially integrated into the rear carrier. Slim Vision is a totally integrated rear light.

This recent innovation makes for a solid and safe rear light system with the added

benefit of sideways visibility.

9. Comfortable suspension

suspension front fork can be easily adapted to your personal requirements by

means of an adjusting knob that regulates damping. The suspension travel can also

be quickly adjusted using an Allen key.