Five of the best Cargo Bike Review



The Christiania trike offers a reliable quality trike, which can be effectively used by a variety of different business.

It offers a cost effective solution to many transportation requirements, which is kind to the environment and your company’s carbon footprint.

In the UK, a wide variety of businesses are already discovering how much time and money a Christiania bike can save them: Florists, councils, fast food restaurants, handymen, street cleaners, couriers, gardeners and many more besides

Assembled from quality components, the Christiania requires minimal maintenance and offers a smooth ride time after time. It also has one of the best price/cargo capacity ratios of all the quality cargo bikes.

With the addition of electric assist, the Christiania can offer you great service, even in hillier areas and allows a longer delivery radius. Less cycle fit members of staff can also be motivated to join in too.

A cargo trike is a perfect advertising tool too, being very visible and able to be ridden directly to where your customers are.

We have a great graphic printer who will help you design an eye catching  creation to apply to the sides of your Christiania cargo box sides. Prices from £100 (including VAT). Please just give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

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Event Christiania Bike - Price from £2,499 + VAT

This trike is supplied with two folding table stands for brochures and a pull out shelf.

Max load- 100Kg plus rider

Rear frame steel

Brakes: mechanical disc brakes on front wheel

Wheel size: 24”

3,7,8 speed options

PRICES FROM: £1325 including VAT

H/BOX CLASSIC - Price from £1,199 + VAT

The H box is the classic load carrying tricycle.

The frame is made of anodised steel with 24” wheels

the box can be sloping or straight(50cm all round) and we can even make the box 30cm longer

It can have a lockable or canvas lid

Carrying capacity: 100kg + rider

Total Width - 87cm      Total Length - 208cm

Weight - 38Kg

P/Box Post Trike - Price from £1,415 + VAT

The P/Box was developed for the Danish Postal Service. Its lockable box offers security but opens fully and  easily with a pnuematic arms, while the flap allows easy access to the box without the need to lift the lid. Ideal for cycle transport of high value goods or tools.

Rear frame: Steel

Max load: 100kg + rider

Box dimensions: 88 x 62 x 59cm

Total Width: 87cm              Total Length: 208cm

Weight: 51kg  

L-BOX prices from £1,050 + VAT

Benefits from having a low loading height at the front of the box. It is suitable for transporting goods and as a workshop bike. It has smaller front wheels and the rear frame is recessed in relation to the smaller front wheels.

Max load: 100kg plus rider

Rear frame: steel frame

Wheel size: 20” front /24” rear

Brakes: front mechanical discs

Total weight: 35Kg

3,7,8 speed options

The Christiania NO Box option- Price from £925 + VAT

The 3107 is the ‘no box’ option, for businesses who want to customize the front box.

Ideal for adding ice cream refrigeration or to sell hot food at outdoor events etc.

Christiania bikes is able to produce bespoke frame sizes to fit your requirements.

Please just ask. The standard frame size is 62 x 88cm

Rear Frame: Steel

Max load: 100Kg + driver

Total Width: 87cm   Total length: 208cm

Weight: 29Kg

Christiania 2 Wheeler - Price from: £1,299 + VAT

A great choice if you prefer a faster  more familiar ride

Max load: 60kg + rider

Rear frame : black, cream or green aluminium  frame

Brakes: Roller brake on front and rear

Wheel size: 20”/24”

Total Weight: 28Kg

Total Width: 58cm       Total Length: 252cm

Christiania Bike Trailers - From: £390 + VAT

If you are looking for a durable bike trailer, then the Christiania bike trailers offer a great solution. The hitch is simple and universal to any bike with a seatpost. The box is made from marine ply woode. It is available in 3 sizes and the sides can be easily turned into a moving advertisement using our graphic printer.

Max Load capacity : 60Kg

3 sizes: 148, 191, 272 litres

Model S Box - Wheelchair Christiania bike - from: £2,350 + VAT

Specifically designed for transport of wheelchair users, and

Children with special needs.

The platform can be easily converted into a ramp, where the

wheelchair can be pushed up and down.

The wheelchair is secured with a strong safety belt. It is also

Possible to add a bespoke Bugatti hood and bench.

Electric assist can be added for an extra £1,199

PRICES FROM £1,050 + vat