Five of the best Cargo Bike Review


In Denmark the babies join in the fun too. From babies upwards, the Bellabike 2 has fabulous seating solutions. You can secure a car seat or carrycot to the base with specially designed straps, or place a weber babyshell seat onto the reclining seat until they are 8 months.

The reclining seats have a waist and crotch belt as standard. However, for younger passengers, an extra chest strap is available too.

From 8 months, the Bellabike cargo bike reclining seats can be used. These are perfect for those sleepy moments on the move. You can always rely on your little ones to fall asleep JUST before the school run/nursery pick up… let the comfortable reclining seat soothed them back to sleep.

The seats are designed so you can choose the level of recline, and they can slide forwards and backwards for more space. When they are little, they can even be turned to be facing the rider for that extra secure feeling as a parent.

The standard Bellabike cargo bike is enjoyed most in flatter areas, or areas with mild inclines. We do offer a Bellabike with a climbing gear ratio if you have any significant inclines on your daily routes.

Also, an electric assist Bellabike is now available. Please enquire for more specific details by emailing us or calling on 01425 270774

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The Bellabike  2 is a great value cargo bike which can have up to 2 quality reclining seats.

It comes in a choice of 3 colours of rainhood and can be fitted with our lightweight aluminium seats which recline and can be turned to face the rider.

LIFE CHANGING BIKES - BE INSPIREDPRICE FROM £1,640  Please Call Carolyn for a a full Brochure or a personal Quote on 01425 270774

Video courtesy of creator velobac and creative skill of Jan Steinberg

The BELLABIKE a fabulous combination of traditional Danish Design and modern technology 2